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Glenn Foster
Foster & Co, Accountants

I have been a member since April 2003.  I remember being invited along by some of the original members of the East Tamaki Chapter and feeling some trepidation, uncertainty and cynicism.

Trepidation about speaking to my peers about my business, uncertainty as to any benefit that might arise and cynicism as to how effective this networking "stuff' was.

Quite apart from having nearly 30 other sales people on your team, the benefits have been very tangible.

  • Increase in business referrals.
  • A marked improvement in my public speaking performance.
  • An additional quality control mechanism.
  • A ready database of knowledge
  • A new social group.

There is no question that belonging to an active effective BNI Chapter is highly beneficial.

Philipp Le Roux
Secuirity Services
ASAP Security

The most important thing to remember is not to accept that anything will happen immediately. I have been in BNI now for over 3 years and it takes time. People need to trust you first and you need to "dance" with them before they will open up to you.

The sooner you will give or find work for the chapter the sooner the member will see you are there to stay. "Givers gain". You have to give to gain from it.

Barry Ekins
Website Design & Hosting

We started this business in 2001 & joined BNI 6 months later.  We keep a record of the sources of all our new customers and can track back over 42% of all turnover originated with a BNI referral.

It is safe to say that we would not be in business today if it were not for BNI.

Return on Investment is extremely positive. Long may it continue.