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How BNI will work for you

  • Every week a group of business people from East Auckland meet together over breakfast, to learn about each other's business. This meeting is highly structured to make the best use of our time ( but we still manage to have a laugh or two as well ).

  • Over time we all get to understand the other businesses in the chapter and develop trust & confidence in the goods and services provided by other members.
  • During the week we are continually on the look out for business opportunities for every other member of our chapter.
  • Members recommend the services of other members and these opportunities (referrals) are passed on. 

What is Word of Mouth or Referral Marketing?

Structured word of mouth marketing is undoubtedly the most powerful and cost effective way to develop new business. Not only that, personal referrals often result in quality repeat business.

People wanting to buy goods and services don't want to deal with unknown providers from telephone books or newspaper ads. They'd rather deal with someone who has been recommended by someone they know & trust

Business people providing those good and services don't want to waste time and money cold calling on people who are not in the market for what they provide. Referral marketing brings these people together in a genuine "win/win" situation.

Successful businesses have been "networking" for thousands of years.  BNI simply puts some structure and formality around a proven concept. 

When you join BNI, you become a member of a powerful network of business professionals - people committed to making each other's business more successful.

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